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It’s late enough in 2019 that I have to start planning for 2020 if I want to make some headway. My goal for 2019 was to release an app via an LLC. That didn’t happen and isn’t going to happen.

I need to break things down into a more workable set of projects. Partially just to get building, partially as a way to develop a progressively more complex set of skills.

ToDo App

I know, there’s a million ToDo Apps. There’s a million songs about love, too. That doesn’t mean there can’t be another one.

Also, sometimes the point isn’t to have an app; the point is to make an app.

I’m going to make a ToDo app for free public release on the App store and blog about it here. The version 1.0 of the app must:

  • Be an iOS/iPadOS/Mac Catalyst App
  • Function in a mulit-window environment
  • Utilize Core Data for storage
  • Update via iCloud
  • Support multiple item lists

Additionally the project should:

  • use a popular dependency injection framework to avoid singletons
  • build the xcodeproj file using xcodegen
  • release with at least 90% code coverage
  • release with UI Tests
  • keep source code pretty with Swiftlint

Grocery List App

Every week I make a meal plan and grocery list. Again, there are probably apps out there that do this. That’s not the point.

In addition to the ToDo list’s existing requirements the Grocery List App must:

  • add items to a “master list” of items
  • provide editing of the master list
  • provide suggestions on addition, sourced from the master list
  • have a “pantry” step that has the user check their pantry for items in the list
  • “shop” for items not found in the pantry
  • add a Watch Kit extension for easy access to the grocery list

Workout App

I’ve had this workout app idea for a long time. This is it. This is the money build. It’s going to combine a lot of the features in the first two apps.

Dream Board Tracker

Something like this to put on a web page that looks nice to keep track of Projects with Epics. Maybe with Github integration.

Manage Blogs Better

My blogs, including this one, were built with Jekyll 3.x. That needs to be updated. Also, I broke stuff that I was dumb about. Just take a weekend and fix it.

Also, they’re being managed with gradle, that’s going to need some work. They could also use some CD now that I have my Jenkins installation up and running.

Take Some Courses

I’ve signed up for several MOOCs. I actually need to finish them.

  • Functional Programming
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Web Development

It shouldn’t be too hard. I just need to sit down and make the time.

Upgrade the Grocery List App

Make the Grocery List App a meal planner app. It should keep a calendar of meals along with the ability to store URLs to recipies. There’s some planning to do here.

Extend Blog Functionality

I’d like to be able to write series of blogs where each part links to the other part. Also, I’d like a better preview mode for posts on social media.

Again, there’s some planning to do here.