Welcome to my grimoire.

A grimoire is a fancy name for a witch’s diary, where they record spells, rituals, correspondences, and other magical information.1

I’ve been doing the developer thing for a few years now. I’m fortunate enough to know some things. But, it still shocks me how much I have learn. And I need something to help channel that learning, so… blog!

This isn’t strictly a technical blog. Certainly, the articles will have a technical bent, but I’m specifically stating now that I will be editoralizing. This is a developer’s blog. A holistic2 account of my career. My growth as a developer; the technologies I use; behaviors for success; public projects I’m on.


There are a few cultural touchstones that I have a personal afinity for. I’ll bring a few up as time goes on, but this seems like a good time to introduce a couple.

Infinite Free Time

A term of art of mine, Infinite Free Time is the time developers have when they’re not doing things to pay the bills. It comes from the idea that every developer I know, every one of them, is interested in so many different things that the only way to pursue them all is if they have Infinite Free Time. I would love to be working on Wave (R.I.P) or studying metahueristics, but I lack the free time. I have a Ruby project, that I really need to get off the ground. Once again, lack of free time gets in the way.

Cult of Done

The Cult of Done Manifesto is one of the most important things I’ve read as a developer. It’s worthy of an entire post, so I won’t dally here. Suffice to say that as a dev my goal is to do my job well and swiftly. The reward for doing so is the opportunity to do it again. The Cult of Done reminds me to stay on track.

Updated: 3/2/2019 With the release of the .dev TLD I had the opportunity to rebrand, so I’ve updated this document to represent that.

  1. A mispent youth may have lead to a longstanding bastardization of the term. But the quote holds true. 

  2. I have a grand loathing of buzz words. And now I owe myself a buck to the swear jar.